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Feeding Pacifier

Often, it's challenging to encourage babies to eat solid foods as they may struggle with swallowing large pieces. The Feeding Pacifier is the ideal product to stimulate the baby to eat on their own initiative! It promotes the development of vision, smell, taste, and touch through the variety of color, scent, and flavor of the foods. The Feeding Pacifier has a specially designed nipple that allows purees to come out through a small opening. This significantly reduces the risk of choking as it prevents the baby from ingesting large food pieces.


The material of the pacifier is flexible and resistant to the baby's saliva, ensuring greater durability even when frequently bitten by the little explorer. Now you don't have to worry about offering only liquid purees to your child! The Feeding Pacifier will encourage them to eat on their own and promote their fine motor skills while experiencing different varied flavors! With it, you can be sure that your child is consuming appropriate foods without compromising their health.

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