Portable Water Bottle for Pets

Size: 300ml

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Portable Water Bottle for Pets

Keeping your little friend hydrated is a constant concern. If you're traveling with your pet, carrying water and a place for them to drink can be challenging. With the portable water bottle for dogs and cats, those problems are over! This bottle has everything you need to provide your pet with what they need: easy and quick hydration.

This bottle comes equipped with innovative features designed specifically to make the life of the pet owner simpler and more enjoyable. It includes a built-in waste bag dispenser, so you no longer need to carry extra bags during cleanup; in addition, it features a retractable scoop for hassle-free picking up of your little friend's waste.

It acts as both a water carrier and a bowl in one convenient container - designed with pet convenience in mind - providing total comfort during the hydration of domestic animals!

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