Plush pet cushion

size: 40 cm

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Plush pet cushion

Are you tired of seeing your pet unhappy and bored with hard and uncomfortable furniture? Do you want to provide the best quality for your friend but don't know which product to choose? Look no further! This plush pet cushion is the perfect answer. Made with a silky touch, these cushions are hypoallergenic.
Puff Pet Pelúcia – Casa Pet Loja
Furthermore, everything has been well thought out to meet your pet's needs: they have a durable covering that can withstand even the animals' nails. They also contribute to keeping the environment clean as they quickly absorb moisture and dirt. The Plush Pet Cushion is ideal for providing comfort to domestic animals at home. Its soft materials ensure that your furry friend will be cozy, spending entire days resting away from the discomfort of hard sofas and armchairs in the living room, becoming a vital and always happy member of the family!



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