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Bib - Crumb Catcher

Kids love to eat. Unfortunately, sometimes they are not as careful and end up dirtying the floor, the table, and even their clothes. The Bib - Crumb Catcher is made of silicone, a waterproof and easy-to-clean material.

Babador Gumy De Silicone Buba - Ana Baby Store

It has a wide rim that prevents crumbs from falling on the floor and being wasted. Additionally, the Bib - Crumb Catcher is soft and comfortable, which makes mealtime more enjoyable for kids.

Babador de Silicone Pega Migalhas Gumy Rosa Azul Verde Buba | Shopee Brasil

The Bib - Crumb Catcher is also a great option for the beginning of your baby's food introduction, as it prevents food from falling on the floor and being swallowed by the baby.

Babador Silicone Com Pega Migalhas Cata Migalha Bebe Babador Silicone Com  Pega Migalhas Cata Migalhas Bebe Babador Em Silicone Com Pega Migalhas  Menino Oferta | Shopee Brasil


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